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QFG Tertiary Concerts

Members of the public are welcome to attend these spectacular tertiary concerts by Queenslands tertiary flute students under the guidance of Mr Patrick Nolan (University of Queensland) and Gerhard Mallon (Queensland Conservatorium of Music). These concerts are free of charge and are held at the University of Queensland once a month. If you are a tertiary student at any Queensland institution, you are eligible to perform at these concerts. Please register your interest with Bronwyn Powter at, or 0408 206975.


In 2018, the Queensland Flute Guild introduced a non-competitive Performers Day for school aged students of flute. After such a success, the day will be repeated in 2020, on May 17th. The day will be divided into 45 minute sessions, based on the academic school year of the students (not their playing level) It is a great opportunity to perform, and a great introduction to the stage. Each performer will receive a medallion and a feedback sheet based on their performance. 

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