James Carson & Larissa Dial Flutes - 12 month use

The Queensland Flute Guild offer two Sankyo flutes for use by two talented individuals for 12 months. These flutes are offered by the family of James Carson, and the family of Larissa Dial.

James Carson was principal flutist of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra for 23 years, and lecturer in flute at the Conservatorium from 1957 until his death in 1979. He was the founder of the Queensland Flute Guild.

Larissa Dial began flute tuition with a Yamaha Flute in Grade 4 of primary school. She progressed and became a member of the Queensland Youth Orchestra. It was at the end of high school that she purchased a French Silver Sankyo flute which she used for her flute study at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. Larissa was both a performer and a flute teacher. She especially loved Mozart’s music. Larissa passed away aged 40 years in 2015 after battling cancer and her family have kindly offered Larissa's flute to this scholarship.

In 2018, a flute was awarded to Bella Weiden, of Toowoomba.

James Carson Memorial Prize

The James Carson Memorial Flute Prize is a scholarship with advanced flutists competing for $1000.00 in prize money plus a trophy. The event is held in two rounds, a preliminary round, and then a final concert. This prestigious flute event is held in memory of the Flute Guild's founder, James Carson, who was principal flutist of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra for 23 years, and lecturer in flute at the Conservatorium from 1957 until his death in 1979. 

The pieces for the 2018 James Carson Memorial Prize have been announced. 

Round 1    MONDAY, MAY 14, 2018
 - Andersen - Study No. 3 from Opus 15

         - K. Hoover - Kokopelli

Round 2    FINAL        SATURDAY, MAY 19, 2018
 - Karg-Elert - Sonata Appassionata Opus 140

 - own choice

Apply here for the 2018 James Carson Memorial Prize. There is a $20.00 application fee, and all applicants are required to be current members of the Queensland Flute Guild.

The 2017 winner has been announced, congratulations to Rachel Lau!


1979 John McGrath
1980 Jo Ann Pitman
1981 Craig Wright
1982 Susan Barker
1983 Susan Barker
1984 Craig Wright
1985 Lisa Maree Amos
1986 Margaret Wrench
1987 Gerard Dutton
1988 Gerard Dutton
1989 Karen Lonsdale
1990 Karen Lonsdale
1991 Heather Michael
1992 Sonia Croucher
1993 Janet McKay
1994 Jean Burgess
1995 Jean Burgess
1996 Andrew McLeod
1997 Bryony MacGillvray
1998 Timothy Munro
1999 Timothy Munro
2000 George Plunkett
2001 Alexis Kenny
2002 Roxy Kavanagh
2003 Roxy Kavanagh
2004 Roxy Kavanagh
2005 Sarah Swann
2006 Catherine Gregory
2007 Catherine Gregory
2008 Maxine Byrne
2009 Jonathan Henderson
2010 Hannah Reardon-Smith
2011 Brijitte Tubb
2012 Simone Maurer
2013 Latham Horn
2014 Emily Smith
2015 Anna Coe
2016 Rachel Lau
2017 Rachel Lau

  Junior SONATA Competition - May 19, 2018

Are you looking for a competitive edge to your playing in 2018?

The QLD Flute Guild introduces its newest competition, the Junior SONATA Competition. 

This competition is open to school aged students ONLY (no tertiary or adult players) and music must be derived from a SONATA. There is a strict 10 minute time limit, which means you can play one, or as many movements from a single sonata or sonatina, so long as you stay within the 10 minute time limit.

First, second and third place recipients will receive a trophy and prize money ($100, $75, $50)

There will be three sections, based on ability.

Elementary - up to Grade 4 AMEB or equivalent
Accompaniment will be provided for these students at no extra charge

Intermediate - Grades 5-7 AMEB or equivalent
Candidates must engage their own accompanist for this level

Advanced - Grade 8 AMEB or equivalent and over
Candidates must engage their own accompanist for this level

The cost to compete in this competition is $20 for QLD Flute Guild members, or $30 for non-members.

Click here to secure your spot today.

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