For over 40 years, the Queensland Flute Guild has encouraged enjoyment and understanding of the flute and flute playing, and fostered musical excellence. With rich foundations and the support of esteemed industry professionals, the Guld continues as a progressive and innovative resource for its members. The Guild offers much to its members, such as performance opportunities and concerts to attend, competitions, the latest news and information in fluting worldwide, around the nation, and here in our backyard, Queensland.

2013 offers many opportunities to unite as flute players with Twilight concerts, competitions, workshops and The Australian Flute Festival. The Queensland Flute Guild also becomes more savvy in the way we reach our members by adding more online features. You can also find us on Facebook by searching Queensland Flute Guild.

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Be Informed About The Flute: Increase your enjoyment

Flute Essentials: What You Need To Succeed contains information that every flute player should know, before even thinking about picking up the flute to play.  This book is a very brief and extremely concise guide to the flute and how to obtain one, as seen through the eyes of a flute technician.

Author, Drew Niemeyer, provides facts, not only about the flute as a mechanical device, but also about the network of people that are available to help you on your musical way.

Good advice often comes far too late to those who have already developed a disinterest in the flute. It is almost impossible to re-ignite the enthusiasm of anyone who has invested so much effort into a hobby and received almost no reward.  Poor choice of brand, instrument type or flute care procedures often lead to disillusionment and frustration with the flute.  These people most often give up.

Readers of this book will be equipped with the knowledge required to turn their musical interest into a passion.  The best choices to make will not only reduce costs, but also provide players with the best tools to meet their needs as musicians.

Gain suitable insight, not only into the fundamentals of flute choice, but also into the pitfalls that new buyers will encounter.  It will be an invaluable tool for ongoing reference, and is a great compendium of topics for further research.

“This book is a real eye-opener for anyone hoping to purchase their first flute”.

About the Author:  Drew has provided his services as a professional woodwind technician to musicians for over 20 years.  His career has included teaching and performance, and has been highlighted by various prizes and awards.  He is based at Blow Woodwind and Brass in Brisbane, Australia, and services clients throughout the Asia-Pacific Region.

For more information contact Drew at Drew@fluteessentials.com or visit the website www.fluteessentials.com

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