For over 40 years, the Queensland Flute Guild has encouraged enjoyment and understanding of the flute and flute playing, and fostered musical excellence. With rich foundations and the support of esteemed industry professionals, the Guld continues as a progressive and innovative resource for its members. The Guild offers much to its members, such as performance opportunities and concerts to attend, competitions, the latest news and information in fluting worldwide, around the nation, and here in our backyard, Queensland.

2019 has offered many opportunities to unite as flute players with Competitions, Player Days and Flute Choir Days. The Queensland Flute Guild also becomes more savvy in the way we reach our members by adding more online features. You can also find us on Facebook by searching Queensland Flute Guild.

Take some time to browse our site and you will soon discover why you should become a member of the Queensland Flute Guild.

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The QLD Flute Guild have made the uncomfortable decision to postpone our Teacher Forum Day. This comes amid advice from the QLD and national AMA and growing concerns across the community.
While we have chosen not to cancel entirely, we have made a decision to postpone this event, to a date yet undetermined as the pandemic unfolds.
I do hope you will understand. We will keep you informed as further dates are discussed, and hope that you will still be able to join us. 

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